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Pipe Flow Analysis - Flowmaster V7

Analysis of Pipe Flow

Pipe flow analysis involves understanding how fluid flows and behaves in a complex piping network.

In order to direct and balance the flow of a liquid or gas throughout a complex piping network pipe flow engineers need the ability to model and analyse the behavour of this fluid through a network of interconnecting pipes.

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Modelling complex piping systems creates a special class of problems in hydraulic design typically referred to as pipe network flow analysis. Traditionally engineers have had to use custom built spreadsheet systems, which can provide limited performance on more complex piping systems. The modern solution to achieve complex modelling and multiple simulation runs and analysis is to use specialised pipe flow analysis software.

Flowmaster V7 is a pipe flow analysis software that can model and simulate fluid flow in within a piping system, helping fluid engineers to prevent problems for occuring at the design stage and also investigate problem systems. Flowmaster can model both compressible and incompressible fluids (liquids and gasses) around piping network.

Modelling Pipe Flow and Pressure Surge in Flowmaster V7

Using a simple process plant system to highlight how Flowmaster V7 can can used to analysis whether efects such as pump start-up and shutdown might cause pressure surge or cavitation

The practice of modelling pipe flow mechanics has a wide range of applications, including calculating forces and moments on aircraft and determining the mass flow rate of petroleum through pipelines.

Simulation of Transient Events within Piping Networks

Flowmaster V7 enables engineers to simulation the complex fluid mechanics of transient effects. Transient events in piping systems have and unfortunately will continue to kill people, cause damage, loss of production and product, pollution and consequential and legal costs. The fact that systems fail or experienced operating problems from transient events requires that engineers, designers and operators carry out transient analysis on proposed system designs. Flowmaster, simulates steady state and transient flows using the same model. This speeds up the design and optimisation of flow systems and fits within integrated design environments.

1D Fluid Mechanic Modelling and Simulation

By using a One dimensional (1D) Fluid Mechanics software package like Flowmaster V7 engineers are able to carry out complex pipe flow analysis and understand the flow rates and pressures and how they might change, within a network flow system of interconnected components such as pipes, valves, junctions, pumps, controllers, fans and compressors – particularly as the operating state of the components changes, for example, as pumps speed up or valves close. 

pressure-surgeAn example how a sudden transient event of a pressure surge smashed a huge hole in a power plant in russia

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